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Merch Stores

Easy. Convenient. Stress Free.

Types of Merch Stores

Schools/Sports Teams

This type of store allows for schools and sports teams to sell apparel to raise money for their school, club, or team. State stores are available for no money return.


This type of merch store is great for those who don't want to collect money and orders from others. 


This type of merch store allows for corporate businesses to give apparel options to their employees.

How do they work?

Merch stores are very easy.

  1. Send us your logo or design ideas

  2. Pick out your apparel

  3. We create the design and mock up the images

  4. We set up the merch store

  5. You send out the unique link to your store

Once the store closes, we will order all the apparel in and start the production process. We do offer shipping to your customers, or you can hand out orders yourself. We provide you with the packing slips that has the customers information and the items they ordered.

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