Merch Store

No Headaches. More Convenience. More Options.

What are merch stores great for?

  • Businesses

  • Schools/ Organizations

  • Fundraisers

  • Teams

How can a merch store benefit you?

It takes away the headache of trying to get order forms and payment together. The only thing you have to do is share the custom, mobile friendly link we provide you, and we will do the rest! We also offer shipping directly from our store or you may pick-up the orders is distribute them yourself.


There's no need to send a roster or excel sheet with names and numbers. We offer a section to put these details on the merch store.

How does the merch store option work?

We start the process by asking for any design ideas, apparel preferences, and open/close dates. After that, we take it from there. We will send you mock-ups of the apparel with the design for your approval. Once approved, we build your store and send your very own custom web link that you can share. When it's time for the store to close, we order the apparel, proceed with production, and start the process of distribution.

We offer High School State merch stores and fundraising merch stores. Please contact us for information on these two options.

Still unsure if merch stores is the right option for you? Contact our Sales Manager, Mitch, at for any questions you may have!